Mastering in Studio M

Tracking in Studio A with Nik Wilson from The Dirty Janes with Geron and his gal checking out the session/studio

Tracking acoustic guitars with Nik Wilson of “The Dirty Janes” in Studio A 251’s in Blumlein and 184’s XY Martin HD 28 acoustic All into Neve 1073’s

Tracking with legendary bassist Stanley Clarke in Studio A with my engineering assistant Al Lezcano Alembic bass on fire!!

Tracking with Cliff from Quasi Mojo Rocking the Gibson’s!! 🔥

Mastering away in Studio M Adding some analog polish to the masters!

Mastering with Tampa artist Albert Werly and his Power Pop Punk Project “Revel In The View” Thank you Albert for mastering with me in Studio M

Mastering with Tampa Producer Steve Wattay in Studio M

Mastering for Tampa’s Funky Favorites Bad Cameo