Please inquire with me about your project details and we can make the most of your budget. I offer remotemastering for clients around the world. I utilize and Paypal, Venmo to make this convenient as possible for clients. 


$650 for a 8 hour block at Clear Tracks Studios (this includes myself engineering)  World class Recording Studio with  Clasp Studer A827 Analog tape system. Large Format SSL8000 G+ and lots of great hardware and stellar acoustics. (Wes Lachot designed room)
Book 3 or more days in Studio A and get 10 hours per day for $650 per day including myself engineering.



I utilize outside mixers for best quality. 

Mixing and mastering are two separate processes that should be done by two different engineers that are experts at their chosen skill set. Pick up any of your favorite artist/band and look at the credits. The mixing engineer never masters their own work! There is a reason for this.




Mastering ensures that your music will sound its best

on different streaming platforms, media

formats and devices.

 $150 per song (alternate mix versions are $50 per extra mix)

 $125 per song when doing 2 or more songs (alternate mix versions are $50 per extra mix)

I can also provide Stem Mastering through our highly modified SSL 4000e

Cost is higher for Stem mastering due to added time required. Please provide 
more details so I can give you an accurate quote for Stem mastering .

 Mastering Gear:

Neve Master Buss Processor
Manley Labs Massive Passive Tube Mastering Eq
Manley Labs Vari Mu Tube Mastering Compressor
Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor 
Pultec - EQP-1S3 (pair)
Dramastic - Obsidian Compressor 
Sony APR 5003 1/2 Mastering Tape Machine 
Burl - B2 Bomber ADC
Burl - B2 Bomber DAC
• Dynaudio - M3A Mains (3-way)
     -Bryston - 14BSST (low-end)
     -Bryston - 4BSST2 (high-end)
     -XTA - DP426 DSP Crossovers
     -15" active subwoofer (2)
• Dynaudio - BM14S (12” Subwoofer)
• RCA - X44AV (mini)
• Yamaha NS10M

Real Mastering is done with great hardware and accurate, detailed monitors/great acoustics and experienced ears!


10 week Recording Arts Classes held in a world class studio.


If you like any of the song samples on my web page please support the artist's by visiting itunes or their personal website to purchase their music. Music is all about community and supporting each other!!